Bitcoin Core Supported BIPs

Bitcoin Core supports the following BIPs.

BIP Supported since Title
9 v0.12.1 Version bits with timeout and delay
11 v0.6.0 M-of-N Standard Transactions
13 v0.6.0 Address Format for pay-to-script-hash
14 v0.6.0 Protocol Version and User Agent
16 v0.6.0 Pay To Script Hash
21 v0.6.0 URI Scheme
22 v0.7.0 getblocktemplate
23 v0.10.0 getblocktemplate - Pooled Mining
30 v0.6.0 Duplicate transactions
31 v0.6.1 Pong message
34 v0.7.0 Block v2, Height in coinbase
35 v0.7.0 mempool message
37 v0.8.0 Bloom filtering
42 v0.9.2 A finite monetary supply for Bitcoin
61 v0.9.0 “reject” P2P message
68 v0.12.1 Relative lock-time using consensus-enforced sequence numbers
66 v0.10.0 Strict DER signatures
70 v0.9.0 Payment protocol
71 v0.9.0 Payment protocol MIME types
72 v0.9.0 URI extensions for Payment Protocol
111 v0.12.0 NODE_BLOOM service bit
113 v0.12.1 Median Time Past
125 v0.12.0 Opt-in Full Replace-by-Fee Signaling
130 v0.12.0 Sendheaders message
141 v0.13.0 Segregated Witness (Consensus Layer)
143 v0.13.0 Transaction Signature Verification for Version 0 Witness Program
144 v0.13.0 Segregated Witness (Peer Services)
145 v0.13.0 getblocktemplate Updates for Segregated Witness
147 v0.13.1 Dealing with dummy stack element malleability
152 v0.13.0 Compact Block Relay